5 Easy Recipes For Straight And Smooth Hair Without A Straightener

5 Easy Recipes For Straight And Smooth Hair Without A Straightener

We (women) are rebellious creatures that like changes (especially in our looks). If we want to change something, we usually start with our hair. It identifies our femininity in a way. Well-kept, shiny and healthy hairdo satisfies our vanity and puts us in a good mood.

The first and easiest treatment we go for at home is straightening. It’s a quick way for enjoying a smooth, luminous and attractive hairdo. Regrettably, we usually use a flat iron that quickly and irreversibly damages the strands. The moment you use a hot flat iron, it burns your hair, removes water from the inside, damages the internal structure, breaking disulfide bonds.

You should try out home methods to avoid destroying your hair and enjoy smooth and straight hair. Here’s the list of tried and tested methods for straight hair without a straightener.

5 Easy Recipes For Straight And Smooth Hair

1. Blow-dryer plus a round brush or a wide and flat brush

It’s one of the best methods for straight and smooth strands. You blow-dry your hair, moving the brush from roots to tips. If your hair is unruly, you can apply a smoothing lotion or oil (e.g. jojoba or almond) before the blow-dry routine.

2. Natural oils and blow-drying, moving from roots to ends

You can blow-dry your hair and easily seal cuticles, making hair smooth and disciplined. You just need to start at the roots, moving downwards. Natural oils come in useful. Apply a small quantity to damp hair. They work as a smoothing and texturising emulsion.

3. Natural lotions and masks

Home mixtures for smooth and shiny hair are tried and tested, and free from chemicals. They nourish your hair. The best ones:

  • Vegetable rinse with celery. Mix a few celery stems with cold water; drain the mixture; put the juice in the fridge for the night. Rub it into hair in the morning and leave in for 10-15 minutes. Next, wash your hair.
  • Water and milk are great for smoothing hair and closing cuticles. Mix a glass of milk with a half glass of water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. 25 minutes before washing, spray the mixture onto hair, towel-dry and comb out (to set the straight and smooth hairdo). You can do the milk treatment before every hair washing.
  • Infuse sage and cool it down. It will work as an amazing straightening product. Obviously, it won’t work for curls yet will deal with waves. You rinse hair with the infusion and leave it in.
  • Few of you know that potato starch can effectively weaken the curl. You can add it to hair masks or conditioners – the ones that must be rinsed out. Thanks to the starch, your hair gets heavier and easier to straighten.
  • Going out with the window – liquid paraffin – deflates hair thus makes it smooth and straight. Just apply it to hair, leave in for an hour or two, thoroughly wash it off and style hair as always.

4. Professional products

Cosmetic brands look to their laurels. Drugstores and online shops are full of straightening lotions and masks. You can even find special keratin sets for DIY smoothing treatments. Keratin smoothing treatment lets you enjoy smooth and straight hair for 2-4 months. You must follow some rules e.g. avoid hair coloring for about two weeks.

5. Ionic hairbrush

It looks like a traditional plastic hairbrush. What’s the difference? An ionic hairbrush is powered by batteries and produces ions – molecules that smooth and tame your hair. Thanks to the ionic brush, your hair will be no longer frizzy. You use it for dry hair, instead of a regular brush.

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