Gentle Skin & Hair Care with Sweet Almond Oil

Gentle Skin & Hair Care with Sweet Almond Oil

A gentle-working oil which is suitable also for baby skin care. Brilliant even for sensitive, allergy-prone skin. Perfect as your first natural beauty oil. Second to none in hair care, excellently alleviates irritated scalp. Dreaming of flawless hair and skin care? Check the amazing effect of mild sweet almond oil.

Almond oil is obtained through cold-pressing of the seeds of Almond. Its scent is lovely and delicate. The oil is a popular cosmetic which replaces all conditioners, hair masks and shine boosters. It also works as an effective facial serum, eye cream, after-sun cream or even a nappy rash cream. Because it additionally protects hair from heat, almond oil works like a great heat protectant. Unrefined, cold-pressed version in a dark glass bottle works the most strongly and effectively.

Almond Oil INCI:

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil

While shopping for sweet almond oil, remember that unrefined cold-pressed oil has the biggest value in terms of effectiveness. Choose the highest-quality oil to make the most of its potential.

Unrefined sweet almond oil keeps all priceless ingredients which would be lost in the refining process. You can easily know if you deal with unrefined almond oil: it is a bit cloudy because it is only slightly filtered. The filtering process destroys valuable phospholipids and lecithins included in oil. Deacidifaction is another stage of the refining and it makes sweet almond oil lose its precious fatty acids. You must also be aware that unrefined almond oil doesn’t contain any trans fats which are formed in the refining process and pose threat to your health and good looks. That is why it is extremely important for you to pick only pure sweet almond oil.

What does almond oil contain?

Almond oil features lots of omega-9 (55%), omega-6 and omega-3 (over 40%) fatty acids, therefore, it is cut out for hair having high and medium porosity. The oil’s particles have various sizes so they perfectly fill in gaps in the structure of two hair types. Omega-9 monounsaturated fatty acids protect medium porosity hair from damage and ensure shine and silky smoothness. Thanks to omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, almond oil delays skin aging process and makes sure that processes in cells run smoothly. It shields hair and skin against outside aggressors, soothes irritations, revitalizes, gently lubricates without leaving a tacky greasy layer. Apart from monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, almond oil abounds in proteins, minerals and vitamins as well as already-mentioned phospholipids and lecithins.

Vitamins A and E are known as the vitamins of youthness and their deficiency triggers hair loss, makes hair bulbs work poorly, causes wrinkles and loss of firmness to occur far too soon.

Moreover, sweet almond oil is a rich source of vitamin D which, similarly to the two previous ones, upgrades the state of your hair and skin. You must be aware that a high vitamin D content affects the cycle of hair transformation, mostly focusing on the initiation of anagen - the hair growth phase.

Vitamin B in almond oil makes sure hair grows the right way by building and strengthening its stem. What’s more, the oil is filled with minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc. The minerals are the guarantee of healthy shiny hair as well as strengthen bulbs and condition scalp enhancing the repair of epidermis and delay of aging. 

Why you should give sweet almond oil a try?

  • is easy to apply and fast-absorbing
  • gives back skin's radiance and repair
  • removes dead skin cells and has a moisturizing effect
  • soothes irritations and is delicate
  • delays skin aging
  • is ideal for extremely dry, irritated skin and hair

What are skin and hair benefits of almond oil?

It is rapidly absorbed into skin, gently lubricates hair and leaves an occlusive microscopic layer on its surface. It protects skin and hair against damage, toxins in the air and the activity of outside elements (minus temperatures, wind, strong sunlight). Sweet almond oil is delicate and non-irritating. It fortifies the lipid layer and increases blood flow to skin as well as makes hair bulbs work smoothly. This oil prevents skin dehydration and hair dryness, protecting hair ends and shielding against physical damage at the same time. It upgrades hair shine and repairs its damaged structure. Sweet almond oil acts as a brilliant base for hair masks and conditioners as well as body and face creams. Its quick absorption makes it a popular choice for hair oil treatment, massage, foot and body bath, a delicate protecting cream for adults and babies.

Almond oil infographic: Shields strands, gently nourishes hair, is quickly absorbed, increases hair lustre

Which hair type is sweet almond oil meant for?

Sweet almond oil has an amazing conditioning effect on hair having high or medium porosity. Thanks to soothing activity, it makes a perfect match with other natural oils. A perfect balance of such ingredients is offered by Nanoil for high porosity hair.

Brilliant composition of ingredients in Nanoil hair oil guarantees both repair and better-looking hair. Almond oil has a balanced concentration of fatty acids so it is made for medium and high porosity hair. There’s one more unique feature: almond oil alleviates irritated, extremely dry skin on the head. Dry, damaged, splitting hair? Sweet almond oil is an expert to fix that.

Sweet almond oil is extremely popular and widely-available online and at stores selling healthy food. Remember to choose only unrefined sweet almond oil for beauty purposes. It is an incredibly effective base for hair treatments and conditioners and thus is a common ingredient in natural oil-based products. The best example of a hair repair therapy featuring suitably balanced natural oils is a product by Nanoil.

Sweet almond oil: properties

Almond oil is used in cosmetic industry on a broad scale: it is used in skin, body and hair care, works wonders for hair and delicate, even atopic skin. Due to a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, sweet almond oil ensures in-depth hair repair and enhancing the appearance and condition of skin. The oil makes hair healthy, soft, shiny and silky smooth as well as locks sufficient moisture in skin. You can call it a real elixir of beauty, gentle, making sure you keep your youthfulness.

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