Post-summer hair regeneration - effective hair care regimen

Post-summer hair regeneration - effective hair care regimen

How to restore the condition of hair that's been damaged due to scorching sun and high temperatures? All you really need is a proper hair care routine, a natural cosmetic and a good bit of regularity. Discover what the hair really needs and why it is damaged after summer holiday as well as how to regenerate it quickly and effectively.

What is happening to the hair in the summer?

Scorching sun, solar radiation, sea salt and lack of appropriate protection - these are the factors that damage the hair in a short period of time. After summer, most of us struggle with thinning, lack of shine and resilience, excessive frizz and damaged hair ends. Even the scalp is weakened and sometimes sunburnt.

UVA and UVB radiation lead to hair aging, it precipitates water from the inside and disrupts the natural hydro-lipid layer that covers every hair. Weakened bulbs are not able to keep the hair in the follicle: hence, increased hair loss and slow growth.

In the summer, the entire hair is exposed to damage - it doesn't only affect its outer layers, but also the cortex, matrix, and roots. Sunrays penetrate deep into the skin cells, and in the autumn, we usually start noticing its adverse effects - the hair loses its elasticity and glow, the ends split and become dry. In consequence, the strands become stiff, fragile and difficult to style.

How does the hair structure affect its care?

If you want your hair care regimen to bring desired results, you cannot focus only on the hair surface because a hair is not just the shaft and its outer, keratin layer, but also bulbs (including hair matrix), scalp and internal structures (core, or medulla, and cortical layer).

Hair health is strictly dependent on the condition of the scalp and the bulbs in it. Therefore, effective hair regeneration should cover every part of it.

5 elements of healthy hair

Multidimensional hair care - the key to effective regeneration

In order to regenerate all hair types (not just the tired and dehydrated after summer type), you must always take into account every factor that makes up its structure. Hair care can be compared to an efficient car: it is not enough to take care of a new varnish to make it work well. What counts most is what is hidden under the hood. The hair works very similarly: if its internal structures are damaged, we will not regenerate it, taking care only of the surface.

If you want your hair to be beautiful, it must be supplied with a whole range of substances, that will not only beautify its outer structures but also have a direct impact on its health and condition. The key to effective regeneration is the selection of an appropriate cosmetic, aimed at the hair's needs. But that's not all, regular treatments are also of great importance. In the light of this information, it is obvious that only multidimensional hair regeneration will bring excellent results in a short period of time. How to do it? You do not have to go to a salon and treat your hair to costly therapies. Appropriate at-home treatments will allow you to enjoy beautiful, strong and regenerated hair that discontinue to fall out and grow healthy and dense - all within only a few weeks.

3 steps to healthy hair

How to regenerate the hair after summer? Hair care regimen scheme

● Post-summer hair regeneration - trimming damaged hair ends

The sun dries the hair tips in the first place because they are the oldest parts of the hair and bear all the styling and processing. They are often in very bad condition: heavily dried and faded, split and even slightly torn. Split ends cannot be "re-sealed" again, so it's best to simply trim them after the summer so that they do not get damage even further but gain a nice look and good condition instead. Such hair will also become lightweight and can be styled more easily (the brush will not tug stopping at the tangles, or weakened ends). This way, we save the hair from many mechanical injuries and we will not ruin it during everyday treatments.

● Post-summer hair regeneration - cleansing shampoo

Due to the fact that a healthy scalp is one of the main requirements to enjoy regenerated, strong hair - it is worth cleansing it regularly. The remains of cosmetics, excess sebum, dust, dirt, toxins from the environment gather on the scalp. Keratin excess from care products can also create a build-up at the base, which is why the hair follicles are blocked. This results not only in limiting hair resilience at the base, (with time, it can start breaking closer to the skin) but also the disruption of the work of sebaceous glands. Excessive greasy hair is often the effect of an unpurified scalp.

The next step in hair care is, therefore, cleaning it with a special shampoo that will take care of the scalp and remove all impurities, cosmetics, sebum, and toxins that came from the environment. Cleansing Shampoo also facilitates the absorption of nutrients that we supply to the hair, using conditioners or natural oils. As a result, each care routine becomes more intense and effective. Just apply it once a week, preferably before oiling your hair.

● Post-summer hair regeneration - hair oiling

Hair nourishing is a true challenge. A majority of conditioners and hair masks don't even penetrate its inner structures. In addition, they cannot be applied to the scalp as they will irritate it and provide comedogenic effects. The best treatment that works both outside and in the inner hair structures is the oil hair treatment. Natural oils are substances that regenerate the hair the strongest. They work multidimensionally: they beautify, strengthen the hair follicles, help cleanse the scalp, soothe irritations on the surface, regulate sebum secretion and prevent the scalp from overdrying.

Plant oils are also completely safe, free of parabens, silicones and other comedogenic substances. Their particles not only protect the hair on the surface and enhance its appearance but also reach its internal layers, repair damaged structures and positively affect the hair's cortex.

When applying oil to your hair, make sure to perform a gentle scalp massage - it will stimulate subcutaneous blood circulation and increase energy metabolism in the hair matrix. This will intensify the processes of cell division and slow down the destruction and death of bulbs as well as inhibit the processes of hair aging.

How does hair oiling work?

  • strengthens the hair bulbs
  • cleanses and improves the condition of the scalp
  • makes the hair rooted more firmly in the follicles
  • accelerates hair growth
  • improves subcutaneous blood circulation
  • inhibits hair loss
  • protects against damage
  • beautifies, improves shine, smoothes
  • stimulates cells in the matrix to work
  • it repairs the hair structure
  • provides the hair with multidimensional care
  • does not omit any part of the hair structure

● Post-summer hair regeneration - hair end protection

Another, very important aspect of hair care is the care of the hair ends. This part of the hair gets damaged the quickest. Overdried, tangled, and frizzy tips have negative effects on the overall hair condition, therefore, it is a good idea to protect them with the use of special products. Hair end serum works like a shield, and additionally, enhances shine and the color of the hair, prevents frizz and tangles. As a result, it facilitates combing and styling.

The more often we protect the ends of hair, the less often we can visit the hairdresser to cut them off: well-nourished hair ends remain neat and healthy for longer, do not split and do not deteriorate. Serum for hair ends can come in two forms and consists of either delicate, volatile silicones which gently weight the hair down and make it shiny protecting from high temperatures of the dryer, or be a specially developed mixture of oils that is to be rubbed in the ends of damp hair right after washing.

● Post-summer hair regeneration - supplements

Hair does not have to be nourished only from the outside. To strengthen the effect of conditioners, shampoos, and oils, it is worth taking special supplements, which contain a set of essential vitamins and microelements that support the work of the hair bulbs. In addition, hair supplements also have a positive effect on the appearance of nails and lashes. They act directly on the hair matrix, preventing weakening and falling out of the strand. The especially developed composition should contain not only vitamins valuable for hair but also zinc, biotin and silicon, folic acid and iron.

Supplementation found in the pharmacy can be replaced with natural herbal infusions: it is enough to drink herbal nettle and horsetail infusion every day or a yeast infusion solution.

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