Hair oiling - discover the advantages of Asian hair care

Hair oiling - discover the advantages of Asian hair care

Hair oiling

Beauty and health of your hair is in your hands and it is entirely up to you, how you will take care of your appearance. In the era when vegetablet oils are very popular, best solution for improving hair condition is oil hair treatment. We drew inspiration from Asia, and today it is one of the most recommended methods. Hair oiling is not only fashionable, but also extremely effective. Get to know it better and see how much good it can do for your hair.

When it comes to great properties that are offered by natural oils, you have to admit that there is a lot to dwell on. It is worth mentioning, because we often approach oiling with scepticism and do not have faith that it can truly replace existing methods of hair care. Now it is time to change your beliefs.

Let's start with a simple question: what is hair oiling? The answer is equally simple and quite logical - just put together the characteristics of this method. Oil hair treatment consists of applying plant oils to hair, and (sometimes) rubbing into the scalp. Their task is to moisturise, nourish, strengthen, regenerate and provide other additional benefits that depend on the type of oil.

Hair oiling with a regular oil

This method of hair care is famous for its versatility. You can choose from a diversity of oils. Currently there are over 100 oils, butters, plant macerates used as beautifying means. The choice is pretty wide, however, it is not so difficult to get a decent oil. Hair oiling can be done with a regular oil - the one that is also used in the kitchen. The most popular edible oils are: coconut oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, corn oil, soybean oil. Oiling your hair with regular oils is as effective as applying products especially created for this type of hair and scalp treatment. They key to success is matching oils to the porosity of your hair.

Hair oiling - do it yourself

It is an undeniable fact that hair oiling has numerous advantages. It is one of a very few such complex and effective methods of regenerating hair and scalp that can be easily done at home. The procedure of hair reconstruction, keratin straightening, olaplex or botox for hair - they all bring results, but require a visit at a salon. Hair oiling can be performed at home, without anyone's help. Thanks to regularity, its effects will be even better and (most importantly!) long-lasting. Hair oiling done at home is a great alternative to all professional procedures recommended for damaged, weakened and problematic hair.

hair oiling advantages

Hair oiling effects

The unquestionable advantage of vegetable oils is their action. Regular hair oiling brings results really quickly thanks to the excellent absorption of oils. In terms of construction, vegetable oils are similar to the lipid layer protecting the skin as well as sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands of the scalp. Therefore, hair oiling is the best method of hair care. It acts not only on the hair surface, coating it with a protective layer but also on works on the inside. It reaches hair follicles and strengthens them, providing strands with reinforcement from the inside.

You can summarise it briefly. Hair oiling works from the first use and thanks to regular use, it improves the condition of hair from the inside. The results are visible immediately, strands become smoother, shinier and easier to comb. However, only systematic oiling provides wisps with long-term improvement of the condition as well as strengthening, regeneration and growth stimulation.


Without effectiveness, the fact that hair oiling at home is comfortable and rather inexpensive would not mean much. Hair oils are versatile and this factor ensures their popularity. What are the benefits of hair oiling? Discover 10 biggest advantages of such treatment.

Inhibits excessive hair loss

Hair oils provide in-depth action. Thanks to using them regularly, they strengthen bulbs, nourish follicles and in consequence, prevent hair loss. Strong and firmly rooted bulb will fall out only when its natural life cycle comes to an end.

Strengthens bulbs and improves hair growth

Natural oils work on the source of the problem, which is in the bulbs. That is why they are able to stimulate hair growth. The best oil for such task is castor oil. It boosts hair growth and activates dormant bulbs that grow the so-called 'baby hair'.

Regulates processes taking place on the scalp

Hair health begins in the scalp where it sources nutrients essential to the growth and life as well as water. If the skin condition is not good, it is reflected on hair. Hair oils provide the correct pH, regulate sebaceous glands and soothe irritation.

Restores and provides regeneration

Hair oiling is the only natural way of care thanks to which we are able to repair damaged hair. Strong regeneration, sealing hair keratin structure, strengthening and rebuilding wisps from roots to ends is now possible.

Provides resilience and smooths hair

After oiling treatment, hair gains smoothness and flexibility. It is a result of sealing scales on the outer layer of strands and coating them with a protective film. Hair oiling provides smoothness, softness and elasticity, resulting in eg. easier combing.

Overcomes dandruff and reduces greasy scalp

No hair conditioner will provide as comprehensive scalp care as oils. Those are the only substances that moisturise, strengthen and regulate processes taking place in the skin. As a result, sebaceous glands work better, hair does not become greasy and there is no more problem with dandruff.

Protects fragile hair ends

Oils provide natural and very gentle hair protection. Properly selected, may even protect strands from heat, UV radiation, wind, salt water or toxins. For problems with hair ends, oils are, without a doubt, the best remedy.

Facilitates combing and styling

Troubles with styling your hairdo, frizz, unruly strands - all those problems will vanish after using hair oils. Applying oils regularly onto wet hair as styling primers make styling a lot easier and faster.

Moisturises, nourishes and provides vitality

The main advantages of hair oiling are its strong moisturising and nourishing effects. Hair oils restore the correct level of moisture, prevent water loss, supplement nutritional deficiencies and restore hair vitality.

Softens, enhances colour, improves shine

Hair oiling provides stunning results. In addition to improving the condition of hair from the inside, hair oils beautify strands on the outside. They add shine, ensure velvety softness of hair, prevent becoming dull and enhance color (also after colour-treating).

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