Hair oiling. Check yourself why it always defeats conditioners

Hair oiling. Check yourself why it always defeats conditioners

Most women are not satisfied with the state of their hair.

More than half complain about its appearance and struggles with dullness, brittleness, and dehydration.

A significant percentage of women claims that their scalp is oily and strands lost volume.

A high percentage of population admits that dandruff and other problems with scalp occur often.

Every other women is worried about excessive hair loss.

The number of men and women who complain about the condition of their hair and scalp keeps increasing. It might seem that as a consequence of the development of civilisation and innovative cosmetic technology, all hair problems will soon begin to disappear. However, it might not happen so easily, unless you match proper care to your particular hair type.

Proper hair care – what does it mean?

Many people strongly believe that a new shampoo and matching conditioner will work wonders. The more of unknown substances appear on the packaging - the more regenerating properties the product has. If you also think so, then you couldn’t have been more wrong. The first and fundamental mistake when selecting hair care products is being guided by an impulse or the belief that the more substances produced in laboratories the product contains, the better. Meanwhile, the best care that brings long-lasting effects is providing your strands with natural ingredients. They are safe and offer incredible powers.

What do hair balms contain and why they do not work?

You should be aware that the majority of hair care products contains a number of comedogenic substances - interfering in the processes occurring on the surface of the skin. Additionally, there are the heavy silicons that accumulate on hair and skin clogging cells; parabens - strongly dehydrating alcohols, and a number of other substances that can beautify your hair immediately after application. Unfortunately, their beneficial effects are only temporary. Sooner or later, your hair will become damaged and dehydrated. What is more, the processes occurring on the surface of the skin will be disrupted.

Another important drawback of using hair conditioners and lotions, masks is that they never regenerate hair deeply enough. Their action is only superficial. You cannot expect them to improve the state of your hair or (especially) cure any scalp problems.

Why hair oils work differently in comparison to hair balms?

In order to be beautiful and healthy, hair requires a substance that is able to penetrate inside, to permanently repair any defects in its structure as well as protect it along the shaft without disturbing the processes occurring on its surface. Fortunately, we have hair oils that can deliver such action. These are natural products obtained in the process of cold-pressing plants and seeds from around the world. Another benefit is that natural oils do not contain even trace amounts of synthetics. They are safe for both hair and scalp. With their participation, you can proceed with a treatment called hair oiling. Basically: oils penetrate where no conditioner or hair lotion is able to.

hair oiling

Hair oils – green light for total regeneration

If you want to deal with any problems related to hair and scalp once and for all, you must know that nothing will take care of it better than oils. Only natural ones are able to penetrate inside hair and rebuild it from the bulbs. This is where the health and beauty of your strands originates. Without healthy and strong follicles and clean scalp, you cannot dream of having beautiful hair. Only natural oils are able to regenerate cells, strengthen roots and improve scalp condition.

Oiling hair - why should you do it?

Oiling hair is a very comfortable care ritual that can be done in several ways: depending on the condition of your hair and the amount of time you want to devote to it. It should be included in your weekly routine, instead of scheduling costly appointments at the salon. This will also put an end to taking the risk of buying another useless hair conditioner. Hair oiling is a procedure that can be done in the comfort of your own home. When keeping oil on your hair, you can relax by watching a film or reading a book. Oiling hair is the only remedy that will help you solve all problems connected with hair and scalp. Moreover, an important advantage of this treatment is that it will never have damaging effects on hair. Natural oils or carefully selected blends of oils are free of parabens, silicones and any substances that could adversely affect the condition of either your hair or skin.

Hair oils - what do they contain?

Hair oils are made up of microscopic particles of various sizes. The size of these particles depends on the content of saturated or unsaturated fatty acids, which are a part of the oil. The concentration of particular fatty acids in each oil varies, and therefore every kind of oil has a different percentage of the relevant molecules. These particles penetrate deep into hair, getting through the scales. Thanks to it, all that is needed to grow healthy and beautiful strands is able to reach to their interior. These are good fatty acids of the omega-3, omega-6, omega-7 and omega-9 group (all saturated fatty acids) and unsaturated fatty acids: myristic, lauric, and stearic.

Hair oils also contain a number of vitamins and minerals, which are responsible for the processes occurring in the cells of the skin and have direct impact on the appearance and growth of hair. A set of vitamins and minerals is to inhibit hair loss and is able to slow down cell ageing and affect the elasticity and hair vitality.

The effects of hair oiling

Hair oils are a major weapon in the battle for beautiful hair.

Here are the most important results that will be achieved by performing hair oiling:

  • oils beautify hair, giving it lustre and elasticity
  • hair regains its vitality and good condition
  • hair oiling provides strands with in-depth regeneration, which will never be delivered by any lotion or conditioner
  • hair oils treat scalp diseases
  • hair oiling helps overcome dandruff
  • natural oils balance sebum secretion
  • hair oiling strengthens bulbs, making hair grow faster and stop falling out
  • thanks to hair oiling, wisps become stronger and thicker
  • hair oils take care of the appropriate level of moisture, preventing water loss from the interior
  • hair oiling helps to slow down the process of graying hair
  • hair oils provide vitamins and minerals directly to the interior of your strands

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