How To Choose the Right Haircut and Hairdo for Your Face Shape?

How To Choose the Right Haircut and Hairdo for Your Face Shape?

Matching a hairstyle to the face shape is the key to beautiful looks. A suitable haircut can make your face look slimmer and enhance your appearance. On the other hand, the wrong hairdo will make you look a few years older or even fatter. Learn the secret of hairstyling. Check the hairstyles that go with your face shape.

The task of hairstylists is choosing a hairdo that makes you look and feel good. It’s not easy to fulfil the client’s expectations and offer a haircut that enhances their assets. What’s the problem? We still don’t know how to match a hairstyle to the face shape. First of all, we don’t know how to determine the shape of the face. Second of all, we don’t know which hairdos are most attractive for a particular shape. That’s why we fear to trust the vision of our hairdresser.

Why should you pay attention to your face shape while choosing a hairstyle?

There’s nothing complicated about the link between haircut and face shape. It lets us emphasize the assets and hide the downsides of our looks. A well-matched hairdo can make a wide face look slimmer or draw attention from deep set eyes, big nose and sticking-out ears. What’s more, the method is an easy way for taking a few years away or making facial features more delicate.

Choosing the right haircut for your face shape is crucial. The first step is figuring out your face shape. You can do it by using one of the three home methods; pick the most comfortable one. If you do it right, defining the face shape will be child’s play.

How To Choose the Right Haircut and Hairdo for Your Face Shape?


There are four basic face shapes – square, triangle (heart-shaped), round and rectangular (long) but we can mention several other subtypes. Here’s the description of the most important ones for the sake of hairdressing.

1. Triangle face (heart-shaped) – wide forehead, high cheekbones, the lower part of the face is narrower, pointy chin.

2. Square face – wide forehead and jawline that are connected with side parts of the face in the straight line.

3. Oval face – a model shape; the same width and height; it can have a high forehead and long chin.

4. Round face – it’s almost as wide as it’s long; fullness at the cheekbones.

5. Long face (rectangular) – lengthened with a high forehead, less oval contour.

6. Diamond-shaped face – very similar to heart shape yet narrower at the bottom, wider at the cheekbones; narrows at the forehead.

7. Pear-shaped face – similar to long face, narrowest at the top, widest at the bottom. The forehead is narrower than the jawline.


  • Use a photo - pull your hair back in a ponytail (with the fringe) to expose the whole face. Take a front photo. To make it easier, print the picture out and mark the contours of your face.
  • Use a ruler or tape measure – measure the length of your face in three parts: from the hairline to the eye; from the eye to the nose tip; from the nose to the chin tip. Next, measure the width: forehead, cheekbones and jawline (these sections are equal only in case of an oval face). Drawing the sections on a sheet of paper can make the visualization easier.
  • Use a mirror – stand in front of a mirror with wet hair and comb it back. Take a closer look at your reflection and check which parts draw your attention e.g. a wide jawline. Try to define the face shape. Outlining the face’s reflection on the mirror with a red lipstick can be useful.


Hairdos for heart-shaped face

Celebrity Inspiration: Victoria Beckham

If your face is heart-shaped, go for layered hairstyles, preferably medium-length. Classic bob or curl bob will be perfect. One-side bang will work for you (short, long, thick, thin – whatever) or its alternative – loose strands on both sides covering the temples. Too sharp chin is less visible when you turn to asymmetric haircuts.

Hairdos that won’t work for heart-shaped face: pixies, hairstyles that expose the forehead, high hairdos, long hair or straight bob style.

Hairdos for square-shaped face

Celebrity Inspiration: Keira Knightley

If your face is square-shaped, you’ll look at your best with long or at least medium-length, wavy hair that softens strong facial features. It would be great if you decided on a gently asymmetric, layered hairstyle that draws attention away from the strong jawline. You may as well wear your hair off your face to slim the face. If you have a square-shaped face, go for a messy fringe.

Square-shaped face - hairdos to be avoided: straight fringe, pageboy, haircuts shorter than the chin line, hairstyles that touch the face.

Hairdos for oval face

Celebrity Inspiration: Jessica Alba

If you have a classic oval face, you’re lucky. Almost every hairdo works for you. Short, medium-length and long hair. Feel free to put your hair in a bun or ponytail. Try a straight and dense bang. Classic unlayered haircuts are best e.g. lob (long bob).

Unattractive hairdos for oval face: asymmetric and typical male haircuts, all hairdos that cover the perfect face shape.

Hairdos for round face

Celebrity Inspiration: Drew Barrymore

If your face is round, lob with a diagonal bang or without a fringe works great; it will make the sides of your face look slimmer. Go for long and subtle hairdo without strong layering. Delicate feather cut is a good idea that covers your cheeks, making the face slimmer. Even short cuts can work for round face but they must be messy, lifted at the roots and backcombed, and can’t be slicked-back so that your face seems less plump. Volume is a must here.

The examples of hairdos you should avoid: flat, to the cheek lines, with a straight full bang, straight and heavy hair, classic bob. These haircuts don’t go with a round face.

Hairdos for long face

Celebrity Inspiration: Sarah Jessica Parker

If you have a long face, rectangular-shaped, you should decide on shorter bob-style haircuts that reach the chin line. In this way, you’ll give your face the right proportions. Having such a face shape, you should focus on boosting your hair volume e.g. wearing curls. What’s more, a thick bang covering the forehead will make the face shorter. If your face is rectangular-shaped, you’d better choose medium-lengths, suitable layering or waves.

Bad hairdos for long face: covering the face, one length cuts, hair that falls on the face, no volume, no fringe.

Hairdos for diamond-shaped face

Celebrity Inspiration: Halle Berry

If your face is diamond-shaped, you should go for short or medium-length cuts. Bob is a perfect solution. You can also wear long hair tucked behind the ears or short and messy cuts – do everything to enhance beautiful cheekbones. Ask your hairdresser for a messy bang (straight or side). Covering the jaw is crucial.

What hairdos aren’t recommended for a diamond-shaped face? For example, flat hairdos, slicked-back, messy buns on the top of your head exposing the forehead.

Hairdos for pear-shaped face

Celebrity Inspiration: Kelly Osbourne

If your face is pear-shaped, you should wear shorter cuts e.g. bob or medium-length but only layered. You can balance the proportions of your face by boosting hair volume e.g. with waves or curls that are the best choice. You can switch your part to one side or put hair in a bun that will elongate the face. Long hair works only if it doesn’t cover your face so pull it back.

The worst hairstyles for pear-shaped face: straight and long hair that falls on the face; symmetric hairdos; no bang.

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