Couperose Skin: Symptoms, Treatments, Beauty Products

Couperose Skin: Symptoms, Treatments, Beauty Products

Are ruddy cheeks a sign of good health? It turns out that not always because facial redness is one of the distinct signs of couperose skin, which in fact happens to be the most demanding skin type. Naturally, even hyper-reactive complexion can look flawless, provided that all its needs are satisfied. Read on to learn best couperose skin care tips and things that this the most sensitive skin type doesn't tolerate well.

Characteristics of couperose skin

Telling couperose skin from other types is pretty easy. It's clearly reddened, often affected by rosacea and so-called spider veins which are broken capillaries that are seen through thin skin, creating a nest of blemishing veins.

Indeed, couperose skin is so thin that the blood vessels are easily seen through. There are also a couple of seemingly harmless factors that contribute to vascular spots. Drinking hot drinks, consuming spicy food and adverse weather conditions have a direct impact on blood vessels, making them react rapidly, which in turn promotes facial redness. That is why couperose skin care should focus on strengthening weakened capillaries, as well as protecting and bringing relief to skin that is clearly hyper-reactive.

Did you know that...

... couperose skin is often caused by hereditary factors? It’s also one of the characteristic features of people with fair complexion and blonde hair. Spider veins are also caused by increased estrogen levels and disturbed collagen synthesis that is becoming less and less efficient with age. Without collagen, capillaries lose their resilience, hence the breakage.

Causes of couperose skin

As mentioned above, couperose skin has to fight off a number of triggers that disturb it more than they do it to other skin types. Uncontrolled facial redness and spider veins are often caused by:

  • excess physical effort
  • adverse weather conditions (strong wind, scorching sun, freezing temperatures)
  • sudden temperature fluctuations (sauna, solarium)
  • strong and chronic stress, violent emotions
  • taking too long and too hot baths
  • alcohol, cigarettes, hot drinks, spicy food
  • wrong skin treatments (use of cosmetics that don't match the skin type)
  • pregnancy and hormonal contraceptives
  • menopause

Couperose skin care tips

1. The fundamental aspect of couperose skin care is the prophylaxis that focuses on counteracting and preventing skin changes, as well as aims at dealing with the existing blemishes. Dealing with capillary fragility and, whenever possible, avoiding triggers responsible both for worsening the skin health and causing hyper-sensitivity are the matters of the utmost importance. To steer clear of imperfections typical of couperose skin, reach for dedicated face serums.

2. This skin type doesn’t tolerate hard and chlorinated water. Therefore, if tap water isn't soft, it's suggested boiling and cooling it down before using it for face washing.

3. While talking about washing, couperose skin should be made clean only with mild cleansers. Reach only for products destined for sensitive and couperose skin care. During cleansing, be gentle to the face. Don't rub it too vigorously to prevent blood vessels rupture.

4. Once a week apply soothing and cooling facial masks. Such products foster caring for this demanding and hyper-reactive skin type and bring relief.

5. Forget about high-level exfoliants. Put away all mechanical scrubs and pick enzymatic peels very carefully - it's suggested consulting a beautician before choosing the exfoliant. You can also make use of gel preparations formulated with mild acids (e.g. lactobionic acid). Such products don't irritate hyper-reactive skin but are incredibly good at dissolving dead cells.

6. Protect couperose skin from the sunlight! Such delicate complexion needs to be shielded from the sun rays not only during the summer season. It's worth pointing out that UV light penetrates through clouds, thus it reaches and affects the skin even in the autumn. For that reason, keep your skin protected throughout the entire year using creams with SPF 15 during the winter, and creams with SPF 30 during the summer.

7. Would you like to make spider veins less visible? Try using a foundation meant for covering up blemishes typical of couperose skin. This type of product contains a yellow pigment that reduces facial redness.

8. Avoid taking hot baths, visiting saunas and solarium. It's also advised to limit sun exposure during the summer because excessive tanning isn't beneficial for couperose skin. Don't forget to use a moisturizer during winter. You should also shield the skin from freezing weather and dry air.

9. Cut down on alcohol, spicy food and strong coffee. Quitting smoking would be also beneficial. All types of stimulants have a negative impact on every skin type.

10. Steer clear of synthetic cosmetic ingredients like artificial aromas or parabens that are known for causing irritation. Eliminate the following ingredients: alcohol, menthol, peppermint, eucalyptus essential oil, as well as strong acids like AHA and BAH.

Beauty products for couperose skin

Using the right cosmetics is the key to good-looking and calm skin. Pick them carefully, always checking constituents. Even though there are many cosmetic ingredients proven to be good for couperose skin, there is just one formula that brings out the best effects - a face serum. This cosmetic delivers stunning results because it penetrates deeply to deliver nutrients to all skin layers. A decent face serum for couperose skin is developed in such a way to combat and deal with all skin concerns. And this is exactly how Nanoil Anti-Redness Face Serum works. It soothes skin and reduces rosacea, brightens facial redness and erases spider veins. The carefully-picked conditioning ingredients shrink dilated capillaries, bring relief to irritated skin and protect it from unfavorable weather conditions.

Apart from the face serum, which is fundamental for the good health of couperose skin care, there are also a couple of other skin products that are worth being introduced to a daily beauty ritual, and they include mild, plant-based cosmetics. Reach for non-invasive cleansers and makeup removers but better resign from mechanic facial scrubs. When you wash your face, do this gently - vigorous rubbing often contributes to vascular spots. Hyper-reactive and redness-prone skin can be also soothed by herbal water like witch-hazel water that additionally boosts lymph circulation and is a potent anti-inflammatory agent.

Safe treatments for couperose skin

There are a few safe treatments perfect for couperose skin. The most common ones are:


One of the most popular couperose skin treatments that depends on directing a beam of light to the broken capillaries to fix them. This results in a visible improvement of skin appearance and significant reduction of vascular spots. All important laser parameters are always considered and carefully set in order to prevent surrounding cells from damage.


This treatment aims at strengthening weakened capillaries, making them resistant to external aggressors. During ion therapy the nutrients are transported deeper underneath the epidermis to soothe irritation, as well as reduce rosacea and spider veins. Spring is the best time to use this treatment to make skin ready for the unfavorable weather conditions typical of the summer and winter.


Rosacea and hyper-pigmentation are two imperfections that are strictly connected with couperose skin, and a professional treatment aiming at brightening these skin blemishes is calibrated pulsed light. Simply put, a beam of light is directed at discoloration to erase it from the face completely. The biggest advantage of CPL is the immediate effects it delivers, which take the form of even skin tone.


This is a gentle exfoliating treatment used for replenishing water to skin. It ensures a deep clean and a highly effective removal of dead skin cells. Additionally, hydro microdermabrasion is also known for fighting off rosacea and discoloration. This non-invasive treatment is perfect for couperose skin.


Bear in mind that even the most advanced aesthetic medicine treatments may not bring positive results if you don't follow the basic rules of proper couperose skin regimen. Mild skin care products and a face serum are essential. Additionally, using home facial masks to deal with spider veins shouldn be also considered as a crucial element of couperose skin care. Such products are gentle to skin, and therefore you can apply them even twice a week. Wiping sensitive skin with cucumber juice and chamomile infusion is also recommended.

Foods that are good for couperose skin

Surprisingly, following basic principles of healthy eating suffices to calm down couperose skin. To prevent vascular spots and rosacea, you just need to introduce more vegetables and fruit to your diet, especially those rich in vitamins and minerals essential for skin. Moreover, both vitamin C and rutin have a positive effect on complexion therefore it's advised to deliver substantial amounts of these nutrients to your body. Another good idea is food supplements. Generally, it's worth realizing that vitamins are beneficial for blood vessels but spicy food, alcohol, coffee, highly processed food and hot drinks should be avoided. Energy drinks aren't recommended either.

Remember that couperose skin can be impeccable too - it just requires more attention and matching skincare products. Be considerate of your skin and expose it to the treatments it craves for.

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